HippoValve is proud of to be a certificed valve company. As a vendor, we are pleased to list down our major certification and are moving forward for more certification step by step. We are sincerely to be your very trusted vendor.

ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management - Certified

Our quality management is certified. We guarantee to deliver high-performance-high-quality valves to you.

From performance engineering, production monitoring, inspection, and maintenance, all our operations are systematically pre-defined by engineer. We, HippoValve, endose to be your very trusted vendor.

Fire Safe API 607:2010 & ISO10497:2010 - Certified

HippoValve designs fire-safe capability according to API Standard 607:2010 6th edition and ISO 10497:2010. With solid engineering capability, HIPPO's Fire-safe Type valves passed burning experiments with almost no leakage.

Fugitive Emission ISO15848-1:2015 - Certified

HIPPO Valve developed Fugitive Emission functionality according to ISO 15848.


Based on solid congenital design, plus dynamic Live-loading system, HIPPO's high performance butterfly valves were certified with: ISO FE CH-CO3-SSA0-t(RT,200C)-CL300-ISO15848-1. wihch means the hightest level SSA0 under graphite packing 's maximum experiment cycle CO3


The difficulty of this certificate not only means under -29 - 200C , HIPPO's high performance butterfly valves can totally suppress the external leakage. But in advance SSA0 represents this certificate was made with no sealing adjustment


Unlike others' SSA1, SSA2, or SSA3. HIPPO's SSA0 fugitive emission valves will give you no more additional human tasks of anti-emission. In some places which are hard to stay, hard to visit, or hard to maintain, choosing HIPPO's C03-SSA0 fugitive emission products is the best endorsement of safety.

CE Mark - Applying

We clearly understand and guarantee all our outputs are applicable with CR Mark. Now we are applying Fugitive Emission Certification and soon to get it ready.

SIL - Safety Integrity Level - Applying

HIPPO Valve's products developed with the most serious safety constraints. As the realibility is the key to keep men and equipments away from danger in high risk environments. HIPPO's products were made based on the synergy of solid congenital design and lean production, which totoally demonstrate the outstanding reliability while facing challenges.

Now HIPPO's SIL certficate is applying.


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